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About Kim

I have been a midwife since 2008 but my passion to support women during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting began during my own journey as a mother. During my first pregnancy in 1999 I was exposed to alternatives to hospital birth but much later in my pregnancy. I took a Bradley Method childbirth education class and by 7 months pregnant decided the current plan to birth in the hospital was not what I wanted. I found a midwife and started planning a home birth instead. That was a pivotal moment in my life and career.

After that experience I knew I had to be involved in the birthing community.

Birth is unique and individual, there is not one way to birth but the majority of women, especially in Las Vegas, aren’t even realizing they have choices. My main goal is to help families understand their options, that women take an active role in their health and their birth and make the choices that are right for them.

the majority of women, especially in Las Vegas, aren’t even realizing they have choices.

In 2000, I gave birth to a 9 lb, 9 oz baby girl in my bedroom and into my arms. In 2002, I gave birth to a 9 lb baby girl in my bedroom and into my husbands arms. I was able to put my career into motion after my second birth. I started my training to become a certified Bradley Childbirth Educator, and began teaching later that year. In 2003, I began attending births for labor support and assisting my midwife at births.

I continued teaching and doing doula work and in 2005 started my training as a midwife. My education was through the North American Registry of Midwives PEP process and the apprenticeship model with local midwives. In 2009 I became a Certified Professional Midwife.



Education and Experience

Certified Professional Midwife
Neonatal Resuscitation Certified
Adult CPR Certified
Supporting Survivors of Abuse Training
Childbirth Educator Bradley Trained
DONA trained Doula
Advanced Doula Training
Midwifery Volunteerism with Mercy In Action/Philippines
Cultural Competency and Global Midwife Skills Workshop
Disaster Preparedness in Developing Countries Workshop
Primary Childhood Illnesses in Developing Countries Workshop
Sacred Postpartum Workshop-Certified Mother Roaster
B.E.S.T. (Birth Emergency Skills Training) Certificate of Completion

Sacred Belly Bind Wrap Artist Seal 2014-05-08-01


NMA (Nevada Midwives Association)