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Open House

So, this was in October to celebrate my new office with Allyson Juneau-Butler of Great Expectations Midwifery. We had so much fun connecting with families and showing off our new space, these are the only pictures captured.  We have been busy seeing all the new families that have joined our practice. We are looking forward to another wonderful year serving our community.

Baby Margo

Jessi Margo is one of the most determined women I have ever met. I had the pleasure of meeting her and being a care provider a year before the conception of baby Margo. So when the pregnancy announcement came it was excitement all around. Fast forward to the end of pregnancy, and more waiting for this baby. Almost 42 weeks had past before baby gave the “I’m ready” signs for labor to begin. When labor did begin, it presented some challenges with baby being in a posterior position, and creating a labor pattern that was not very straight forward, keeping us guessing at what might be going on. As a midwife, this usually involves lots more attention and home visits but Jessi and David had it under control. They declined our  (Student Midwife, Romina and I) offers to come and relieve David or give additional physical/emotional support. Jessi only wanted David and he gave his all. They instead took our verbal support and suggestions over the phone and said they would call when they wanted us present. I really was amazed by the strength of this couple. I knew they were so tired, so anxious to meet their baby, and I just wanted to help them. I also knew they had to do the work. As the second night loomed in front of us, I asked if I could join them around 8pm if nothing had changed sooner. I assured them their space would be respected, but I could be present for this second sleepless night for any new challenges that they might face. We all agreed this would be a good plan. After a few hours at their home, I suggested a cervical check. We all felt it would give us a plan for the night, as contractions sure weren’t much help in trying to figure out what was going on. They were still very irregular and we led with the assumption babe was still finding the optimal space to fit through the pelvis. Upon the exam it was a lovely surprise to find the cervix open to 9cm…ok! Ok! I did a little happy dance in my head for this exhausted family…hopefully it wouldn’t be too much longer. A little while later and mama made her way down the stairs into her birth space…These two framed sayings were on the wall. Such perfect expressions of this mama’s journey.


My BabyShe Believed













Soon those very unmistakable sounds of a mama pushing filled the space. David was still Jessi’s main support with her midwives drifting in and out to listen to baby, give a sip of water to Mom or Dad, and have everything ready for when babe decided to come. I was grateful for these sounds, thankful Mama had reached this phase of labor after waiting and working so hard. At 2:26 am, Jessi received her baby in her arms with us all looking on, honestly I couldn’t see much because I was crying with happiness. The miracle of birth never gets old to me, but I rarely cry anymore. Witnessing this family on their journey to parenthood was a beautiful thing. I was honored. I was elated this baby GIRL (We finally got to find out) was here and it was nothing short of inspiring to see Jessi and David work together to get her here.

Bundle of Bliss Photography captured some great photos too: click for slideshow of Margo Birth




Sean’s Birth

I was so honored to be the midwife for the second time with the Thiele family. I was a student when their daughter Paige came into the world and since then they are a family I have enjoyed getting to know. Mama Erika is an amazing photographer as well and she of course had lined up a birth photographer for the special day. The time had come, we were all very excited to meet this little boy. Labor began in the evening but kind of slowed down and petered out, it was late and so the family was tucked in bed and the support team took leave. I didn’t hear from them all night and then I get a call from Dad, almost 12 hours after leaving the night before, letting me know the water had released, as I was about to ask a question, I hear mama in the background say “Kim, get here now!” I knew in that moment baby was coming and we would be missing this birth. When Sean was ready he was ready, and came out with that wave of fluid. Caught by Dad just inches from the birth tub mama was trying to get into. He joins a family of little girls who just love him so much! Some of my favorite moments at births include sibling involvement and these lovely pictures by Jessica Benson Photography (see her perspective and more pics in the link) capture the labor the night before as well as after Sean had arrived.

Watching over mama Hard Work Glorious Water Sibling helpFamily and the Midwives

Postpartum Sealing Ceremony : Mama’s love it

Sealing Ceremony

“Thank you so much. I have never had anything remotely like that done for me at any stage of my motherhood. So this was truly a gift on so many levels for me.”
“I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful postpartum pampering. I felt really special, and that afternoon I felt relaxed and energized. Haven’t felt this good in a few months.” -Erika Epley Thiele
Sacred Bath
 I really enjoyed the sealing ceremony.  I’ve never had a bath with rose or flower petals before. At first, it felt a little silly as I prepared to get into one, but as soon as I stepped in and started to settle down into it, I felt a little giddy and realized how very nice it is.  The music that you had was also very nice.  I can see now, why such a bathing experience is so popular.   The massage and tucking-in with the warm compresses felt wonderful and so very relaxing.  The blessings that you gave were so kind and loving and I just kept thinking, “Wow! This is the stuff that every new mother really needs.  But look at me, not long after baby 8, and I find this just so wonderful. Every mother needs this, every time after having birthed a baby into this world.”  Having the belly binding done also feels terrific and it’s another one of those things that I feel every mom should get to try and I wish I had learned about it sooner.  I also wanted to thank you again for including my other children.  That was so incredibly special for them as well as me.  We loved it and I know that I will treasure that always.  -Marcie Skanes, mother to 8


My husband and I are so excited to offer some new services in Las Vegas. To my knowledge, there is nothing else like this for postpartum families. I have recently completed the Sacred Postpartum Belly Binding workshop that included traditional belly binding and many other ways to pamper a new mama during her postpartum recovery. I have become very passionate about postpartum healing, and the lack of support families have in our culture is truly sad. We are so focused on the new baby, while the new parents are usually struggling with the sudden changes. The family unit has gone through one of life’s most profound experiences and these services honor and celebrate that, while alleviating emotional and physical stress. Many of these services are borrowed from other cultures, but I believe every woman deserves some pampering, along with the physical and emotional recovery from pregnancy and childbirth.

In the comfort of your own home, these services can be customized to fit your needs and the members of your family. I will be offering the Sacred Sealing Ceremony to the postpartum woman and Jeff will be offering massage/body work in addition to those services for her or to any other family member.

Click the link to the flyer for more info and introductory pricing good until the end of the year. Please call with any questions or to book these services. 

Ceremony & Sealing