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Home Birth

Choosing your care provider and where to give birth are big decisions. This decision should be made with research and communication. Home birth is a very satisfying, safe and healthy option for low risk mothers. Below you will find some questions to ask yourself as well as questions to ask me or other care providers you are interviewing.  You can review some of the studies done on home birth as well. You can schedule a free consultation with Kim to talk more about your options.

If you aren’t excited then keep searching, because birth is supposed to be something you can’t wait to do, something you go into with support, love, compassion, trust, and excitement.

I have spent many years as a doula and midwife. I have witnessed birth in different ways. Beautiful and supported births can happen in the hospital as well as home, but options can be limited in a hospital setting. I have come to realize that even though home birth is what I needed and wanted it is not for everyone. As long as a woman feels supported, claims her birth and makes her choices then it can be a satisfying birth experience.

Preparing for a home birth

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do I feel comfortable birthing at home?
  • Why am I birthing at home? (Your choice should not be based on pressure from others or finances but should be based on what you feel is best and safest for yourself and baby)
  • Am I healthy?
  • Do I eat well?
  • Am I willing to take responsibility for my birth and take on an active role?
  • Am I able to birth without pain medication? (There are no epidurals at home, however there are plenty of comfort measures that can help you cope with labor)
  • Who do I want at my birth?

Choosing a provider

Your first task is choosing a care provider.  As a society we spend more time shopping for new cars, homes, planning a wedding, and possibly even our weekend plans than we spend on making this choice about birthing our babies. It’s worth the research , you will at least go into your birth with no regrets, or what ifs. The worst thing would be do hear about these options after it is too late.
Learn more about choosing a care provider

Safety of home birth

If you are low-risk and healthy then homebirth is a great option for you. Here are a few links to research and studies done on midwifery care and home birth.

Preparing for a home birth

Questions to ask your care provider
How To Prepare Your House
Lots of information on how to prepare your home for the birth, including how to prepare your birthing bed, stocking the refrigerator, and best foods to eat during labor. You will get a supply and birth kit list from me at 32 weeks too.
Planning to birth at home really great article on emotional, mental, and physical preparation.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength. -Barbara Katz Rothman