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Postpartum Sealing Ceremony : Mama’s love it

Sealing Ceremony

“Thank you so much. I have never had anything remotely like that done for me at any stage of my motherhood. So this was truly a gift on so many levels for me.”
“I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful postpartum pampering. I felt really special, and that afternoon I felt relaxed and energized. Haven’t felt this good in a few months.” -Erika Epley Thiele
Sacred Bath
 I really enjoyed the sealing ceremony.  I’ve never had a bath with rose or flower petals before. At first, it felt a little silly as I prepared to get into one, but as soon as I stepped in and started to settle down into it, I felt a little giddy and realized how very nice it is.  The music that you had was also very nice.  I can see now, why such a bathing experience is so popular.   The massage and tucking-in with the warm compresses felt wonderful and so very relaxing.  The blessings that you gave were so kind and loving and I just kept thinking, “Wow! This is the stuff that every new mother really needs.  But look at me, not long after baby 8, and I find this just so wonderful. Every mother needs this, every time after having birthed a baby into this world.”  Having the belly binding done also feels terrific and it’s another one of those things that I feel every mom should get to try and I wish I had learned about it sooner.  I also wanted to thank you again for including my other children.  That was so incredibly special for them as well as me.  We loved it and I know that I will treasure that always.  -Marcie Skanes, mother to 8