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Sean’s Birth

I was so honored to be the midwife for the second time with the Thiele family. I was a student when their daughter Paige came into the world and since then they are a family I have enjoyed getting to know. Mama Erika is an amazing photographer as well and she of course had lined up a birth photographer for the special day. The time had come, we were all very excited to meet this little boy. Labor began in the evening but kind of slowed down and petered out, it was late and so the family was tucked in bed and the support team took leave. I didn’t hear from them all night and then I get a call from Dad, almost 12 hours after leaving the night before, letting me know the water had released, as I was about to ask a question, I hear mama in the background say “Kim, get here now!” I knew in that moment baby was coming and we would be missing this birth. When Sean was ready he was ready, and came out with that wave of fluid. Caught by Dad just inches from the birth tub mama was trying to get into. He joins a family of little girls who just love him so much! Some of my favorite moments at births include sibling involvement and these lovely pictures by Jessica Benson Photography¬†(see her perspective and more pics in the link)¬†capture the labor the night before as well as after Sean had arrived.

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